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 Scions Of Fate

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PostSubject: Scions Of Fate   Fri Aug 22, 2008 10:05 pm

Woop Woop another review

This game is the one im currently playing

1st off, it's a free to play MMO with a cash shop

Its a comic/cute style graphical interface and is full of colours =o

The gameplay itself is fairly straightforward, and leveling is fairly difficult from lvl 1, which makes it a challenge.. there are also promotional quests, where your looks change, stats increase, new skills avaliable and new weapons avaliable to be used and at 4th promotion, new gems are avaliable to use. Promotion quests occur at level 10, 35 (where you pick chaos or order), 60, 80 and 100.

However the game has changed since it started, as there is a master and apprentice system, which allows a higher level player to take a lower leveled player as their apprentice, giving them a chance to use skills 1 promotion above their current promotion in order to allow their apprentices to level smoothly, and in return the master gains a proportion of the exp they have gained every level, as apprentices gain levels they can participate in quests to increase the skill power of the skills they have been given and increase the amount of skills their master can give them.

There are also newbie quests where low level characters are given "premium" like healing salves, 1 use premium buffs and uber accessories (which cannot be used after 2nd promotion), which cannot be traded or sold or stored in the bank.

Another concept which reels players in are the 2 events that are currently running, on the weekends there is a Double Down event at certain times which double the exp, ki, gold and drop rates a player gets during that time. There is also an attendance event where every day if the player logs in they gain 1% for that day and 10% exp increase, which continues to increase till 100%, then after that it remains at 100% till the player fails to log in one day, then it is resetted back to 0%.

The honor system is a nice system, whereas titles and different intensity glows (blue for order, red for chaos) are given depending on your honor and the higher your honor the more honor gear you may purchase and wear. There are currently 2 pk maps, they are Pirate Bay and Ice Palace, but being pk maps, they also give an exp, gold, ki and drop rate increase. Another thing is Authority Clash, where chaos and order just battle it out for 40 mins to get points, and both sides are given honor, of course the winning side gains more and gets a mini boss event.

The enchant and enhance system shows achievement, as there are different coloured glows depending on the enhance level, the glows start from [6] and work their way up to [12] where the glow colour changes (weapons only) and you gain bonuses on the weapon/armor, however if you fail an enhance you lose the item and it causes most people to quit lol, BUT there are charms from the premium shop that can be purchased from other players that protect your weapon or armor and its enchantments and essence from being lost.

Now for the different classes...

Bladesman: The tank out of all 5 classes, they by far have the best defence and hp and low attack but it kinda changes later on, and are the only class that can aoe, they require a good weapon and godly defence to use effectively. Always wanted in parties from when you get aoe

Bowman: A very nice class, able to do alot of damage from afar, even though they require arrows =_= but different arrows have different effects lol xD they also have archer buffs and are wanted in a party, a fast leveling class and a good farmer

Healer: The support class, they have buffs, heals and insane nukes later in the game, always wanted in parties but are slow to level till 35 where you get your party heal and can go afk or something while healing

Spearman: The class with the highest attack, able to solo easily but once again require nice gears to solo, can get into parties somewhat easy because of their high attack

Swordsman: The PvP class from 60 onwards due to their skill dodging ability, they are the average class and are somewhat quite hard to get into parties since they cant really provide anything, they require alot of time, effort and patience to build correctly, and require godly gears to level

Overall I gave it a 4/5 due to the shitty GM team

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Scions Of Fate
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