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 [Mass Effect] Review by Nankura

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PostSubject: [Mass Effect] Review by Nankura   Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:50 pm

Mass Effect
My Personal Scoring: 6.7/10
IGN Score: 9.4

This game is definatly a step up from the typical "rpg" scene, combining fps with japanese style rpg storylines and impressive graphic's, microsoft has definatly made an extremely large effort here to impress the "JRPG" fan club that sony and Square enix hold such a firm grip on.


Gameplay? were do i start, the gameplay has its cons and its pro's so ill describe it that way


The gameplay can be choppy and have extreme fps spike's, alot will say theres alot fps bugs etc that should have been worked out before the game was officially released, and that it needed another year of work

Almost after mission/firefight if your manually doing stat point's you have to stop and do your stats over and over and this can be become frantically annoying

Stopping in fights to cast a skill can be an annoyance and an advantage, this doubles as a con/pro, it can save your ass at times like a pause to decide your next move carefully or it can screw you over by having to quickly get a skill off before your dead


As ive said just before, the skill system doubles as a con/pro

Fast reactions and good support from your AI team mates, healing, skills etc and how they use there skills is completely modifyable which allows a good amount of control over your team

Wide range of weapons/skill's make it suitable for any different type of playstyle

The graphics are a definate benefit, been able to easily see your opponents with good distance viewing and alot of tools make it easier to get a good shot on your opponents



The story is based around your character mostly "Shepard" which can be female or male with the amazingly detailed ( although more hairstyles would have been nice ) character creation system

You play a character that YOU design at the start and by your game actions, you can be bad, good, each way effecting the story and the path of the story, which makes it amazingly optional and deeply immersive keeping you interested and sometimes replaying the game to see all the different story lines

What amazes me is that they fit all this into one single dvd, while a game like lost odyssey with no replay value and a similiar length of story took up 4 entire dvd's


Alien Sex?

Yes, if you work hard to impress a phew of the girls on your team, you will see human/alien sex scenes, not worth much since your not seeing many body parts, but still cant denie that hoteness of a human girl and alien girl in bed



The graphics/Presentation of this game is simply impressive, detailed faces on every and each enemie and allie, everyone with there own unique looks about them and thousands of different people throughout the galaxy to meet makes the graphical side of this game next gen and amazingly heavy , Smoothed images and grainey film makes it feel like your really in a sci-fi movie


Closing Comments

Mass Effect even still been 1 year old holds the next gen tools even the new games are following the direction towards, microsoft pulled a fast one here and they pulled it well making a true rpg that even the JRPG fans were impressed by mixed with fps, making this game one every hardcore and softcore 360 fan will want to have in there collection

Dont leave this one on the shelf people, give it a go, you wont regret it

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[Mass Effect] Review by Nankura
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