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 Cabal Online

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PostSubject: Cabal Online   Fri Aug 22, 2008 4:26 pm

Ummm ok I'm posting a review and MY opinion on this game, and will post images later lol =D

Another free to play game with an item shop

The game itself is a grindfest =D lol, there are ALOT of quests to do, including normal quests, rank quests, honor quests, side quests and story quests. The ones you'll benefit from would be the rank and story quests.

I found the game to be a solo grind till about lvl 70 where partying will benefit you alot more, however up till about lvl 40 its hard to lvl =_= as you do not have strong enough skills, which is GAY as you have to pay money to learn skills so you have to think about how many skill slots you have and what skills would benefit you more.

I didn't take too well to the skill rank system as it takes too much to get just 1 skill level
There are many dungeons, both solo and party dungeons... so be careful which entry card you use lol.. i learnt the hard way of trying to solo a party dungeon =3

Craft system is gay.. it requires honor and slotted armors and weps, which are hard enough to gather up, and you can only do ONE type of crafting.. which is even gayer =_=

Nation War.. omg this is pure pwnage, just a time limit of an epic battle every time Procyon Vs Capella.. this shit is crazy and is held EVERYDAY

As for the classes, lets see...

Warrior: Great to farm with, great attack, nice def and hp, practically every skill is aoe, but is really boring to play as the skills have near enough the same animation =_=

Wizard: A great starter class, once in the higher skill ranks and class ranks you'll be able to one shot alot of mobs and once again you have aoe skills and a unique teleport skill, I found this class fun to play with

Blader: Hmm this is an OK class to play with, fast but weak in a way, I didnt play a blader much since they didnt interest me much, but they have aoe and weaker damage than other classes lol

Force Archer: Has to be my favourite (out of 2) class to play, really nice skills and of course they have aoe and high damage, found this class to pretty much be a pvp/pk class once you hit double trans, not as strong as the wizard but a fun class to play. And no need for arrows WOOT.

Force Blader: My other favourite class, pwns most in pvp and pk lol.. The only class that has both unqiue magic and sword skills, so you have to mix and matchthe skills when spamming xD, however this class requires thought, time and knowledge of builds and cabal itself

Force Shielder: Awesome defence, another sword and magic user but doesnt have as many unique skills as the Force Blader, has nice hp and def and average attack, and of course aoe.. i didnt really like the class till later levels lol

Hmm so thats it xD
My rating was 3/5, simply because its a long grind and well the craft system SUCKS

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Cabal Online
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