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 Perfect World

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PostSubject: Perfect World   Fri Aug 22, 2008 5:38 pm

Yay another review and my opinion on a game =D

Another free to play game with an item shop

Graphic wise, this game excels in elegance =D and allows you to go into specific detail when creating your character

As for gameplay..

This is another game that gives easy levels as the beginning and then intensifies along the way, its not too much of a grindfest but its still hard to grind by about lvl 80 and you WILL require parties.

Other than grinding you have your cultivation quests to do, which is basically your rank and well your characters story line and eventually you reach the heaven and hell part of the story , these quests take TIME and patience to complete as well as requiring parties to get through dungeons and beat the required boss mob. And much like cabal it requires money to learn and upgrade skills =_=

Dungeons provide a twisting turn in your perfect world gaming experience, as you can give the old druken poet wine to get rid of 50% of the mobs LOL xD, and the dungeons are never the same, depending on your party size will affect which boss mob needs to be killed to open doorways and how many you have to kill, the boss drops are EPIC, enough said lol

Territorial war is a guild feature where one guild has bidded and won the bid for a piece of land, where guildies get enhanced drops, exp, gold, etc, and once another guild wants the land, the two guilds must go to war and the guild left standing either retains the land or gains it.

Wave Invasion is a nice event that occurs randomly and can last for hours.. a shit load of mobs, whos levels are remained hidden constantly run around the place of invasion and you must fight them off =D, its nice exp once you get past 100 and a quick way to make money, ALWAYS attend, theres always bosses after a set number of waves.

The craft system in this game rocks, you never make the same stated equipment, you never need alot of items and you can learn ALL 4 craft skills, so you can make your own armor, jewellery, weapons and potions/scrolls

The snuggle feature is awesome lol, you can snuggle a female character, carry or fly them to places and even smooch them =O xD, theres also a marriage system where you gain a title above your name saying: ?????'s Wife/Husband, the ???? being the person's ign you married, and theres also same sex marriage hahaha xD

As for classes...

Human (Uses Magic Giant Swords for flight)

Warrior: High physical def, melee attack and relatively high hp, has insane defense buffs and a big variety of skills for melee type weps, able to solo most dungeons and is wanted in most dungeon parties for the defense and damage

Mage: The nuker out of all the magic classes, hard to start off with, but once you have aoe, you should be fine, able to solo, but not alot, easy to find parties with due to your high damage

WingKind (Uses Wings for flight duh!)

Elf Archer: Requires Arrows! =.= lol, High physical attack, ok physical def and high magic def, and INSANE crit rate at higher levels, has a few aoe and does alot of damage, needed in parties as a damage dealer and to give an increase in speed for dungeons. Once you get arrows bombard, you'll pwn hardcore

Elf Priest: The support magic class, has a variety of buffs, heals, ressurection and a few nukes (that do pwn) once again hard to lvl at first but gets ALOT easier and obviously with this class you'll get into ANY party with ease

BeastKind (uses Flying animals lol)

Were Beast: The meatshield of all classes LOL, average attack and extremely high hp, has a few party buffs that increase attack and hp, goes nicely with the human warrior's def buff, and will get into any party needing a tank xD (MALE ONLY)

Were Fox: The pet tamer and curse specialist of the game, tames pets and uses them to attack and tank while they stand back and hit the mobs with aoe curse spells and heal/buff their pet, a good character to party with if you cant find a tank =] also good to farm with (FEMALE ONLY)

A great game to play I gave it a 4.5/5

Official website:
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Perfect World
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