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 Rules and ToS

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PostSubject: Rules and ToS   Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:26 am

Every user is expected read, understand, respect, and follow the Rules of Conduct listed below.

The purpose of Serenity Anime forum is to provide users a place to communicate and talk about Anime and Gaming. That having been said, posts that are irrelevant (unless in off topic) or abusive to users will result in the post being deleted and the account being banned. Other misconduct such as the ones listed below will result in disciplinary action.

-Sexually inappropriate comments
-Hack-related posts
-Violent comments
-Malicious comments
-Discriminatory comments of any kind (race, creed, sexual preference, religious preference, soup, gaming style, or any other form of distinction are included)
-Impersonating a Serenity Anime Admin, Moderator or another user
-Advertisement posts
-Promotions of other websites (Unless approved of first)
-Slander or Rumors
-Off topic comments (in relevance to the threads)
-Real cash trading for items of any kind
-Inappropriate forum names
-Account trading of any kind

Failure to follow these rules will result in an instant ban of your forum account
We will not tolerate any type of rule breaking, nor are we responsible for any loss of game accounts due to your ignorance for failing to READ these rules
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Rules and ToS
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