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 Rules of this forum

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PostSubject: Rules of this forum   Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:45 am

Users are required to read these rules before posting in this forum

This forum is strictly for gaming purposes only, any post or thread that is irrelevant to gaming will be deleted

Users MAY:

1) Post reviews and previews for games
2) Post recommendations for games
3) Post games you are playing or have played
4) Post guides and socialise with people who play the same games
5) Post private servers for any game

Users MAY NOT:

1) Post hacks for ANY game
2) Trading of any sort of account
3) Trading of any ingame item for real money
4) Spam and Flame
5) Links to unreliable private servers
6) Post anything irrelevant

Failure to read these rules will result in a temporary ban, if you continue to do so it will result in your account being permantly banned.
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Rules of this forum
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